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Generosity gives everyone the power to make a positive change in the lives of others and is a fundamental value anyone can act on.



The Atlanta Workshop Players is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization dedicated to CHANGING THE WORLD ONE AUDIENCE AT A TIME. Yes, many AWP students have gone on to have extremely successful entertainment careers.  Yes, AWP provides networking opportunities, professional level training and the tools to create the future you desire AND above all, AWP focuses on the well being of the individual and how they can live their life positively, lead with kindness, support all they come in contact with, love deeply, be compassionate and empathetic human beings...who are also wildly successful! 



Success comes in many forms:  Success can be starring in a feature film or making it on Broadway. Success is gaining confidence to stand in front of their class for a presentation, success is having great conversational skills for your dream interview, and success is learning to live as your fullest truest self.



You can be part of the next generation of change-makers by DONATING this #GivingTuesday! Every DONATION of every size helps students grow and supports their voices to tell the stories that matter to them.


YOU can be part of that magic. 


GIVE as much as you are comfortable giving and watch the unstoppable ripple effect of good.


Chloe Flowers


"AWP has brought so much more joy to my life. I made new friends, created short films, I have an AMAZING teacher, and learned more tips in order to be a better actress. It’s also such a fun place to be where everyone is extremely kind and they all make me feel seen for not what I do, but for who I am. The most important thing I’ve learned from AWP is that it’s okay to be yourself and to embrace who you are because you're unique in your own way."

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"AWP will always be my second home. Everyone there is so welcoming and truly made me feel loved and accepted. I’ve learned how to be a better performer, student, actress, but most importantly… they taught me how to be a good human. I truly don’t know where I would be today if it weren’t for AWP. I really think of Lynn, Don, and Ashlyn as my second family and am so grateful that I have them in my life. If it weren’t for AWP, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today, fulfilling my dreams."

Aaron_hernandez_headshot - ron ron squad.JPG


"I've learned so much about the entertainment industry and the craft of acting but also in my personal life I've discovered myself and my confidence because AWP has created a safe space for me to not only be myself but to also learn and make mistakes without feeling ashamed or stupid. AWP is a second home and a place where you can come to learn how to act, sing, write, or direct but most importantly it's a place where you will make friends who will feel like family and support you in whatever career you are trying to pursue."

Murder Mystery 8.jpg


"When I was a teenager, you can imagine the emotional dysregulation that
comes with that time in your life. Add the personal element of going through a divorce within my
family, AWP became my self-care, my creative outlet, and my therapy. Without question, they became a backbone and a rock for me during a time when I had nowhere else to turn. I am forever grateful for the kindness they showed me and the
unmatched support I received. They showed me what true friendship and what chosen family looks like. That is truly what AWP is. It is
family. It is friendship. It is a home. It is lifting you up when you need it. It is therapy. It is emotional
intelligence. It is coping with your darkest season. It is the Stallings Home for Wayward Actors. It is
showing a terrified 16-year-old what healthy relationships and friendships look like when her world felt so gloom and doom."

Scarlette Amber Hernandez Headshot


"AWP has made me see the world a little differently, it’s shown me there truly is something called a second family. AWP to me means love and acceptance and family. The most important thing I’ve learned is that being yourself can take you a long way."

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