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About AWP


WHO WE ARE: The Atlanta Workshop Players is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, family-friendly performing arts company and film school conservatory. 

WHAT WE DO: AWP provides professional level training to challenge and inspire diverse people through extraordinary productions in a joyful, supportive, non-competitive atmosphere. 

WHY IT IS IMPORTANT: AWP is more than arts education. It helps students reach their full potential. Here, we embrace uniqueness, live out our passion, make strong industry connections, develop life-long friends, and live life to the fullest. It is important because it makes a lasting difference in the lives of kids, adults, artists, and in the world. 

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IMAGINE a world where children are accepted and loved unconditionally. Where they discover their unique value and through the performing arts use their talents to make a positive difference. This is “Art With A Purpose”. This is AWP.


The Atlanta Workshop Players is

a Movie and Theatre Production Company; has developed a Film School Conservatory; a Professional Musical Theatre Training Program and conducts summer and winter Performing Arts Camps that attract students and teachers from 5 continents.


The Atlanta Workshop Players HISTORY

AWP began over 40 years ago with one acting class and a dream of providing education and a performing outlet for creative children while instilling important life-lessons along the way.  Since that time, AWP has reached over a million audience members with original ‘social-issues’ musicals, trained over 22,000 students in a multitude of programs, awarded 2,100 scholarships, launched successful careers in the entertainment industry, created a school for television, film and theatre and a joyful performing arts camp that attracts industry pros and students from 5 continents.  AWP is most proud of the positive affect these programs and productions have on young people.  One example of this influence came during a question and answer session following a performance of AWP’s tour show addressing school bullying.  A 14 year old boy stood up out of the audience and announced to an auditorium filled with his peers and teachers, saying “I am the bully you saw up on that stage......and it’s wrong.....and that’s changing right now.”  The audience erupted in applause in support of this boy’s commitment to make a positive change in his life.  It was a pivotal moment.  The room was filled with stunned expressions, goose bumps and tears.  The work is important and AWP is expanding its reach.  Our motto is “Kids Changing The World One Audience At A Time”......and they really do.

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