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Because this nonprofit was founded in 1981, we've had the joy and pleasure of watching thousands of young performers enter the entertainment industry and become wonderful well rounded human beings.

The fun never stops! 

Take a look and enjoy some of the journey so far...

EVIL DEAD: The Musical

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee


The demons have officially been expelled from the theatre after an incredible run! (This time Annie really did complete all of the passages...every single syllable!) An endless thank you to this cast and crew for pulling off absolute magic in the Barefoot Playhouse! An adventure like no other, a bloody, musical, VERY prop filled show was tackled with joy and ease by this amazing group of people! 

Thank you to everybody who attended one of the performances! Thank you for your loud laughter, for braving the splatter zone and for supporting the arts! Thank you to all of the Evil Dead fans that came out and joined us in our theatre for the first time! Looking forward to our next grand adventure in the theatre and hope to see you in the audience once again! 

CAST: Ashlyn Stallings, Baleigh Jordan, Caroline Mitchell, Domenico Fantozzi, Don Stallings, Nathaniel Sundholm, Reyn Graves

DIRECTOR: Don Stallings

CREW: BJ Guyer, Humsini Gopal, Matty Forde, Michael Monroe, Mike Reed, Ricky Misha

HOUSE: Anna McCague, Maya Olmos, Reymi Reyes, Taylor Ashley Knott

PHOTO & VIDEO: Carly Rose Dolan, Charles Bailey, Randy Mansour

Video: Randy Mansour



HAPPILY EVER AFTER is officially closed! What a joy this process has been working with the AWPlayers Apprentice Company! 

In Company, because it's a training program, we do things that really push each performer to take bigger and bigger steps towards their full potential! One of the ways we do that is by double casting some shows. This allows each performer to take on a large role in every show as well as ensemble roles. Learning how to perform as both a lead and ensemble member is key to successful futures, shows do not happen without both components. We also sometimes cast performers as a swing and they learn multiple roles and we had quite a few in Happily Ever After! It is a unique challenge taking on multiple performance tracks in a show and training to do that at a young age helps the performer to be prepared no matter what comes at them! Thank you to all of the performers for working SO hard in rehearsal and delivering an incredibly hilarious show! A literal laugh riot from start to finish! 

While we are sad to say farewell to these fairytale characters, we cannot wait to see what characters you bring to life next season! 

Thank you to our guest performers, Senior Company Members Austin Hitt and Luke Thomas as well as Professional Actors Don Stallings and Ashlyn Stallings. Thank you to our tech crew, house managers, directing team and all of the volunteers for making this show possible! 


And of course, thank you to our phenomenal audiences! "Without the audience, we are nothing more than mindless imbeciles, wearing funny clothes, talking to ourselves in an empty room." 



HEATHERS THE MUSICAL is officially closed! While the tears fall from cast members eyes as this chapter comes to a close, we are all incredibly excited about the work the Senior Company did, the conversations this show has started and the growth of each performer. 

One of the joys of the arts is being able to tell important stories just like HEATHERS THE MUSICAL. Yes, Heathers is a laugh riot but it also touches on incredibly serious, dark and far too common subject matter for the youth of today. Throughout rehearsals we had many conversations about what was going on in the show, how it compared to our own lives and what we can do to make a change for the better moving forward. The director of Heathers, Lynn Stallings, always brings up the fact that "If we can teach people to hate, we can certainly teach people to love." Our goal in producing HEATHERS THE MUSICAL was to entertain the audience, open their eyes to the difficult subject matter and be able to talk to peers, family, teachers, therapists etc. about the things brought up in this show that are happening in our lives. 

Each performer handled the subject matter with care, a kind heart and many hugs. 

Thank you to every Senior Company member for stepping onto that stage and being vulnerable, to truly open up and move your audience. Thank you to our tech crew, volunteers, directing team and of course our incredible sold out audiences, 8 SOLD OUT SHOWS! "Without the audience, we are nothing more than mindless imbeciles, wearing funny clothes, talking to ourselves in an empty room." 


"The kids were fantastic. I saw 5 of the 8 shows and feeling sad that I won't be able to see it again! A big thank you to Lynn and all of the other amazing AWP staff/family for their hard work preparing for this show, and the loving environment they provide for our kids." 

-Sheri Zager-Lew

"I loved Heathers. You guys are SOOOO talented, I am so proud of you guys. You guys did a great job!

-Leanna Angel Walker

"It's a shame that these things happen in the world and so important to have shows like this to open a conversation to do something about it.

-David Wright

Snoopy! The Musical

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