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Film Projects

Exiled Short Film 2021


Reese, a truth seeking teen, is shocked to find her new boarding school is filled with students seemingly mind controlled by the school’s social media app. Her new roommate, Logan, is one of the few students untouched by the app, and has been exiled by the others for not following the app’s rules. Reese and Logan team up to find other students free of the app’s control, and form a plan to find the power source and shut it down, hoping to break the spell and bring freedom of expression back to the campus. The stakes are high Reese, Logan, and their small team sneak out to destroy the app, only to find that it’s not a person controlling the kids, it’s a computer. They destroy the computer just before being caught, allowing individuality to once again be praised and encouraged at the school.

Exiled is an original short film shot and edited during AWP's VIP Movie Camp Summer 2021. 

Exiled is currently in the festival circuit and is not available to view to the public yet! Check back soon for updates!