"AWP means freedom to express yourself."

-Sarah N Evans

AWP Student

"I am fortunate enough to be one of Lynn's many "success stories" in this industry. Yes, I came to Lynn as a child actor in Atlanta in the 1980s, and her guidance set me on the right path for a thriving career in show business.

Lynn is a force of positivity who nurtures talent, understands the complexities of our business, and invests time and energy into every relationship, because she knows ours is an industry that involves a balance between the creative process and fair deal-brokering. Honestly, if I were still an actor, I couldn't ask for a better representative than Lynn Stallings! Caring, shrewdly aware of what it takes to succeed, and warmly diplomatic... a wonderful combination for a talent manager!

Our industry is a better place for having Lynn in it. Her organizational skills are unquestionable. Her eye for talent is sharp. Her relationships are solid and long-spanning. She doesn't live in a world of instant gratification; she understands that we're all building relationships that last a lifetime in this industry, and she invests time, energy, and most of all passion into everything she does. I'm so very excited to see submissions come in from Lynn and her team, when I next post a casting breakdown!" 

-Bonnie Gillespie

LA Casting Director, Industry Author

"AWP is an oasis of creativity and acceptance that stands out among schools of acting. My time spent working with Don and Lynn were some of the best summers of my life. When working with AWP, you will leave not only a better performer, but most likely a more passionate, compassionate and empathetic human being."

-Michael McCracken

Talent Agent

"AWP has been instrumental to my son's success. The love, encouragement, and unparalleled training has boosted his confidence level. He has also booked numerous roles since he has started training here. We love this place!"

-Lenie Grant

AWP Parent

"AWP is honestly a place where I feel completely accepted, encouraged, and loved by everyone around me. The atmosphere is genuinely a utopia of kindness that I wish was everywhere!!"

-Maggie Thurmon

AWP Alum & Counselor

“The team at AWP is professional and connected in the marketplace, a great group to train with. My own daughter attended AWP camp over a decade ago and we both still count it as one the highlights of her youth." 

-Mystie Buice

Agency Director

"AWP embraces each person's gifts and talents as unique and valuable. The environment is warm yet challenging and because of this, students build self esteem, self awareness, and also learn to appreciate others because of their differences not in spite of them. AWP delivers top notch training in a fun, approachable format."

-Jamie Orrefice

AWP Parent

"AWP is a home away from home. It's one of the only places where I can feel like myself. To me, AWP means family with unconditional love that is not afraid to correct my wrongs and guide me along the way."

-Ashleigh Boyce

AWP Student

"We highly recommend AWP no matter what age or whether you are interested in film, live performance, or vocals; whether you have 'industry' ambitions; or you are simply looking to boost self-confidence and enhance public speaking skills.

Lynn's free spirit and love for all of her AWP family is wonderfully contagious. The culture she has created is one where everyone is welcome and everyone is accepted and supported by staff and by the entire AWP community.

It is no wonder that on an 'industry' level, AWP is respected throughout the entertainment community. It produces top talent in all genres! And, with almost 40 years in the industry, uncountable contacts, and a degree in psychology, Lynn understands how to advance her 'players'. 

We are grateful to have found Lynn and AWP and continue to be astounded in all aspects by how much our daughter's life continues to be enhanced."

-John Nuckolls

AWP Parent

"The (happier) happiest place on earth

-David Chernyak

AWP Alum & Counselor

"AWP is a great home away from home. And an amazing creative space that I really enjoyed getting to experience."

-Avery Brooks

AWP Intern

“Lynn Stallings has been a wonderful part of our acting community here for many years. Her professional skills and teaching abilities have helped many actors become not just good, but great. I would like to highly recommend her. We stand behind everything she does."

-Brian Beegle

Casting Director

"I have been fortunate to have established a wonderful working relationship with Lynn. As one of the most respected instructors for kids and teens, I would never hesitate to refer talent to her programs. She is not only one of the best instructors in Atlanta but she is also one of the nicest people you will meet in this industry."

-Jen Kelley

Casting Director, Big Picture Casting

"AWP has become a second home to my children. It's a place where they can grow creatively and as humans, in a safe, fun, environment. AWP fosters positivity and encouragement of all students, regardless of differences!"

-Margie Verdon

AWP Parent