March 12th-May 14th

(April 9th Spring Break holiday)

Thursday 7:30-9pm 

Be a successful Voice Over Talent. Our job is to educate, motivate, and empower you to be the best VO Superhero that you can be! Our philosophy is simple.  The more tools you have the more likely you are to book jobs and work consistently as a paid Voice Talent.


Cycle 1- 


Class 1-  Commercial Voiceover & Making $$$ For Being You

Class 2-  Corporate Narration & Making $$$ by Telling Others What To Do

Class 3-  Basic Production & Recording Clean Audio to Send to your Clients


Cycle 2- 


Class 1- Political VO

Class 2- Broadcasting

Class 3- Character Voices & Making $$$ for Listening to the Voices in Your Head


Cycle 3- 


Class 1- Live Announcing & All Eyes on YOU

Class 2- Advanced Production Power & Designing Your Sounds

Class 3- Marketing Yourself to Make More Money

LOCATION: AWP Acting Studio

8560 Holcomb Bridge Rd Suite 111

Alpharetta, GA 30022

Cost: $599


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