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Why Protection Dogs necessary for your backyard? - 2022 Guide

If you are thinking of having a guard dog and do not know whether it needs to be service certified or not, read on. A service pet or dog is an animal individually trained to perform tasks for persons who are suffering from a disability. But the first step of having a service e pet is to obtain an ESA letter from a mental health professional. The tasks done by the service animals must directly concern the disabled person. For example, a dog trained to accompany a person who suffers from diabetes must alert him/her when his/her sugar level drops or rises. Or a person suffering from epilepsy may have a dog trained to alert him/her before the attack or seizure or a service pet is trained to accompany a person suffering from depression to alert his/her of the medication.

Moreover, you can carry your service animal with you anywhere. Hotels are to provide equal opportunity to reserve seats for a person with a service animal like other guests without service animals. The hotel is required to facilitate the person with a service animal and cannot charge extra for cleaning the hair or dander shed provided that you have an emotional support animal letter. However, the service animal causes any harm only then the hotel can ask for the damage.

Guard Dogs and their Need

In today’s world, people need security for themselves, their family, and business from intruders. Though there are technological mediums like alarms, most people prefer to have the esa letter for housing. This is probably because of the reason that dogs have an instinct of protection that they have been doing for many years. So, if you decide to have a guard dog, you might be thinking should it also be a protection dog?

It is important to have a service certification for a guard dog because a guard dog is specially trained to be a working dog not as a pet. These guard dogs can be used by the military and police for special purposes.

Therese guard dogs are trained to perform three distinctive functions:

Alarm Dogs

These dogs are trained for alarming purposes. They have a threatening bark and alarm when someone approaches or there is some suspicious movement. They are trained in a way just to alert, not to take action. Mostly, the deep and threatening bark of these dogs is enough to deter the intruders.

Attack Dogs

These dogs are specially trained to attack and even kill at the command of the handler if the necessity arises. These specially trained dogs are very agile and brave, often used by the military and police. These dogs are not fit to be pets and are not sociable. Unlike sociable pets, these dogs consider any stranger a threat apart from their handler. They are highly active and effective for security purposes.

These are family dogs trained to protect the family in a threatening situation. If you are the one who mostly remains away from the family and feels the need for insecurity in your absence then protection dogs are the best option to ward off your insecurities. The best breed of protection dogs is German shepherds, Giant Schnauzers, and Rottweilers. For more information, do visit visit

These breeds are known for their loyalty and trustworthiness and are deemed the best fit for protection dogs. They are of a very socializing nature and can be adapted to the environment. These breeds socialize with children, family, other pets, and neighbors. These are big pets comparatively and extremely need exercise for them to be well-kept and well-behaved protection dogs. These breeds are naturally instinctive as protectors and do not need training like guard dogs.

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