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You instantly book a ton of projects, have massive instant success and never have to stress about money again!


Once you sign with an agent, the hustle doesn’t stop there! Yes, your agent helps you get in the room but the actor must continuously be training, creating your own work, networking, keeping your materials up to date, sharpening your audition skills, making sure you have a great self-tape setup…the list goes on and on. Signing with an agent is not the end of the line, it’s just a wonderful stop along the way! You and your agent are a team, working together to create the career you want.

Every agency is different, some common first steps when you get that representation offer are:

  • Signing an agreement

  • Getting on/connected on all submission platforms your agency utilizes (Actors Access, Casting Networks, 800 Casting etc)

  • New headshots/materials if needed

  • Meeting the WHOLE team (which often happens before the offer but not always)

  • Adding the agency logo to your resume, website, social media etc.

  • Let your agency know your “NO” lines (roles, actions, scenarios you are not comfortable doing)

  • Ask how they most prefer to be communicated with

Then…you wait. You ACTIVELY wait for those auditions to roll in by taking classes, practice memorization, read scripts, study the projects filming in your market, network, connect with fellow actors. The entertainment industry is heavily relationship based and our job is not to book the part but to book the room! (Duh, we ALSO want to book the part but booking the room creates longevity in your career!) Create fans of your work by being profoundly prepared for all that you do!

Pictured: Chiara Misawa (AMT), Bree Shannon (AMT), Ashlyn Stallings (People Store) Costa Johnson (AMT)

CREATE A NETWORK TO HELP WITH SELF-TAPES! This could be friends from acting classes, other actors from your agency, or coaches. (Need help finding your self-tape community? Email for help!)

Acting is not a passive career. If that is what you are looking for…you will be sorely disappointed. Acting is hard, dedicated and passionate work. It is also fun, unique and deeply rewarding work.

Once you start working, keep your agents (unobtrusively) in the know! You have a show coming up? Invite them and send a comp ticket. Booked a TV show? Send them a postcard with the air date! Holiday? Send them a little present. Short, to the point, and relevant reminders that you exist and are working on your craft, keep you on their radar and ultimately book you more work!

You want your agent to be as enthusiastic about you, as you are for them, so be the easiest person in the world to work with! Stay on top of your materials and continue honing your craft now until the end of time! You have an Oscar in your hand? You are still in acting classes!

Questions? Email AWP is happy to share the 40+ years of knowledge with actors new to the industry and working professionals! If we don’t know the answer, we will find somebody that does!

Keep changing the world, one audience at a time!

-The AWP Team


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