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Kiss Your Bikini Bottom Goodbye!

Hello Citizens of Bikini Bottom,

The sun has set on THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL. The theatre is quiet, the dressing room empty and performers are off on the next creative endeavor.

There is something bittersweet about closing a show, the hard work has been executed, the costumes have been sent to storage, pre-show warm ups no longer fill the theatre with an abundance of sound and while we are sad to move on, we have all grown exponentially from this experience and are ready to take those lessons to the next show. It is an artists job and greatest joy to create and share our art with the world, thank you for letting us make you laugh, cry and guffaw with SpongeBob and his pals!

Any show is a huge undertaking but THIS show had SO many moving parts (Squidwards legs) and it was a challenge met with the ferocity of Sandy Cheeks attempting to solve a scientific equation! This show would not have been possible without the dedication of the cast, crew and volunteers!

Thank you to all of the volunteers that made this show possible! For providing sustenance to our performing fish, ushering our phenomenal audiences, running the box office and everything in-between! Without you, Bikini Bottom would be in more shambles than it already was due to a volcano erupting!

Things the Bikini Bottom Crew taught us: mayonnaise IS an instrument, squirrels have lungs, Krabs and Whales are NOT the same species, no fish knows the future, Mrs Puff really needs a vacation, BFF stands for SpongeBob and Patrick, Squidward is not a loser, SpongeBob is NOT a simple sponge and EVERY day is the BEST DAY EVER!

“Meanwhile”, you’ve heard enough from a random AWP Blog writer, let’s hear from the cast and crew themselves!


“When Sofia rocked out, truly over-the-top! AND Plankton & Karen's outrageous exits!” - Lynn Stallings, Director

“Our first dress rehearsal, it was super cool getting to see the show come together.” - Bram Fages, Squidward

“The first time we completed a vocal run-through of the full show! All of the music is sooo good, so it was exciting to hear everyone sing it in one go.” - Imaria Ayanna, Mrs Puff & Ensemble

“Getting to work with the bubble gun.” - Rowan Walsh, Sardine & Ensemble

“Learning the Squidward dance choreography!!” - Madeline Clough, Mrs Puff & Ensemble

“Tech rehearsal is my favorite part of any show. It’s when I get to be creative as a tech and find ways to add jokes to the show using lights, sound fx or videos.” - Mike Reed, Tech

“My favorite moment in rehearsals was definitely when we did the opening number. It was just full of energy and just a great way to start off the day.” - Scarlette Amber Hernandez, Perch Perkins & Ensemble

“My favorite moment was getting to talk to all the amazing cast and crew during the breaks. I also enjoyed eating lunch on the scaffolding with my fellow Sponges (and Sandys).” - Ava Fields, SpongeBob

“Finley was hurt by the Erupter Interrupter prop in rehearsal, tried to keep going in the scene, but needed to stop and tend to her hand. Maya stepped in, unprompted, and helped keep the scene going.” - Humsini Gopal, Tech


“SQUIDWARD QUICK CHANGE.” - Madeline Clough, Mrs Puff & Ensemble

“The most challenging part of the show was the costume changes.” - Emma Powell, Gary & Old Man Jenkins

“Getting out of my comfort zone and breaking out of my box.” - Rowan Walsh, Sardine & Ensemble

“A 'kajillion' moving parts! Hundreds of sound, light, video cues, (thank you Humsini, Ricky, Powell and tech guru Mike Reed) massive props (thank you to prop master BJ Guyer, Sophia Monsibias, AC Glabbeek, Powell Brenters, Simon Eichele, Cami Cook, Max Martin & all those who jumped in!), wigs, wild make-up, sets, confetti cannons, fog, haze, dry fog and bubbles!!! Whoo-hoo!!!” - Lynn Stallings, Director

“Embedding harmonies into my mind, especially in Tomorrow Is.” - Ava Fields

“Dancing with 2 sets of legs!” - Will Gidley, Squidward

“THE SCAFFOLDING!!!! It took so long to become comfortable standing up and walking around up there. Even though it was so scary at first, I now miss going up there. It was an adrenaline rush.” - Finley Malone, Sandy Cheeks

“Singing and dancing at the same time!!!! I've always known it was a difficult thing to do, but even the smallest movements made it harder to stay steady. I was definitely stronger by the end of the show. (Also the freezes, for some reason I never learned my lesson and always ended up frozen with my mouth open. The number of times I almost started drooling on the floor is ridiculous)” - Imaria Ayanna, Mrs Puff & Ensemble


“Don’t hinder your performance by not believing in yourself. Know your talent and don’t put limits on it. ‘can’t’ does not exist!” - Dayana Todd, Pearl

“Find the joy.” - Reyn Graves, SpongeBob & Plankton

“Follow your dreams! Spread mirth and joy to ALL you encounter and the world will be a better place! Look for the good in each person and celebrate that!” - Lynn Stallings, Director

“Take care of yourself, and have fun because I can guarantee everyone around you loves you!!” - Madeline Clough, Mrs Puff & Ensemble

“Be confident, because when you’re confident you will succeed!” - Ava Fields, SpongeBob

“Don't be afraid to act silly onstage.” - Rowan Walsh, Sardine & Ensemble

“Try and do your best and be serious about it but also have fun with it and learn about your character.” - Emma Powell, Gary & Old Man Jenkins

“Don’t try to compete with the other actors. Just be the best you can be.” - Mike Reed, Tech

“My advice is to choose to enjoy theater instead of pressuring yourself to do perfect. I find myself stressing out so much that it no longer is fun. Instead, embrace your mistakes and laugh them off. Don't ponder over mess-ups. Instead, get excited to prove that you can do better.” - Finley Malone, Sandy Cheeks

“Have fun, always find ways to make your performance special and add lots of flair to it.” - Bram Fages, Squidward

“My one advice is do what you want and don’t listen to other people if they tell you you can’t cause they’re just subconscious about themselves and they wish they had your confidence to actually Pursue their dreams.” - Scarlette Amber Hernandez, Perch Perkins & Ensemble

“I guess this is aimed mainly towards beginner performers, but having confidence is the most important thing. Ever. In all aspects of life. It's so easy to get caught up in how things are 'supposed' to go, even though 9 times out of 10, what we imagine in our heads usually isn't what happens in real life. Life has so many avenues and there isn't one specific route or way to do things. Audition for roles even if there's a part of your brain that thinks you won't get it. Sing the songs that a part of you thinks you'll never be able to. We tend to underestimate ourselves and cut ourselves short before we can really see what we are capable of. Confidence doesn't have to be 100% and it doesn't have to be all the time. But when those little sparks urge you everyone once in a while, listen to them before your brain can convince you otherwise. Then the sparks will start coming more and more.” - Imaria Ayanna, Mrs Puff & Ensemble


“When after I say I’m going to meet the electric skates, Josh as Mr. Crabs said “Excuse me, my daughter’s tripping” - Dayana Todd, Pearl

“When Philip (Patrick) did some little improv moments in my first scene, for example, tickling me!” - Bram Fages, Squidward

“The freeze in ‘Tomorrow is’ when Bram was making me laugh from the wings.” - Cami Cook, Karen & Ensemble

“It had to be whenever any of the Mrs Puffs were on stage cause they were hilarious!” - Scarlette Amber Hernandez, Perch Perkins & Ensemble

“Mr. Krabs had one ad-lib that almost made me break the first time he said it: “Excuse me, my daughter’s trippin’.” I totally wasn’t expecting it!” - Reyn Graves, SpongeBob & Plankton

“Will improvising after Sofia fell on stage during the show.” - Humsini Gopal, Tech

“When Mr. Krabs said ‘Sorry my daughter is trippin’.” - Rowan Walsh, Sardine & Ensemble

“Whenever we freeze, me and Finely (Sandy) are supposed to sympathetically look at each other. However whenever we do so we can’t stay serious and we have to look at each other’s noses.” - Ava Fields, SpongeBob

“Anytime Max's Plankton "gloated". The sounds that came from him were literally the funniest thing in the show to me. Cracked me up every rehearsal and all 8 shows. Every. Single. Time.” - Imaria Ayanna, Mrs Puff & Ensemble

​​”Plankton & Karen's outrageous exits!” - Lynn Stallings, Director

“Phillip (the person who played Patrick) was so good at making me laugh. Particularly, he improved saying "I love you Squidward" during a show, which almost made me break. I also find myself staring into the eyes of the amazing actors who play SpongeBob during our many freezes. There have been so many moments where I struggle to hold in my laughter as we lock eyes with each other.” Finley Malone, Sandy Cheeks


“The circle before closing night.” - Cami Cook, Karen & Ensemble

“Best day ever! We’re all about to die so we wanted to support and love on one another 👍” - Madeline Clough, Mrs Puff & Ensemble

“During Best Day Ever, I feel that we all connect on stage really well, it’s one of the saddest moments of the show, and we all feed off of each other’s energy and it makes it a really powerful scene/song.” - Bram Fages, Squidward

“After Best Day Ever, Finely, Phillip, and I do a group hug. I felt truly connected to them during closing because it was our last show.” - Ava Fields, SpongeBob

“At the end of the show, we all celebrate because Bikini Bottom was saved. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy all give each other a group hug. During our last show, I hugged them all so hard. Instead of hugging for just a couple of seconds like we normally do, we were hugging for about a minute. I just loved my cast so much and I miss them and the show deeply.” - Finley Malone, Sandy Cheeks

“At the end of Best Day Ever, I feel like we are all going through the same thing in life.” - Emma Powell, Gary & Old Man Jenkins

“The last song when SpongeBob is trying to cheer everyone up and everyone comes together.” - Rowan Walsh, Sardine & Ensemble

“During Best Day Ever, you could just feel the emotions and see everyone just wanted to be there and knowing that I felt connected with them cause I felt the same way.” - Scarlette Amber Hernandez, Perch Perkins & Ensemble


“How to mix the mics and the music.” - Ricky Misha, Tech

“That this cast & crew is not only extremely talented, but also stellar human beings who support and adore each other!” - Lynn Stallings, Director

“To let loose and have fun!” - Rowan Walsh, Sardine & Ensemble

“I learned how to use nun-chucks in preparation for the show. I also learned how to operate the smoke machine from being a part of the crew as well as how to stop a volcano from Sandy the genius.” - Finley Malone, Sandy Cheeks

“Teamwork is so important, if you can’t work well with your fellow actors, the show won’t succeed.” - Bram Fages, Squidward

“I learned about how to become your character, look cartoony, and be really in the moment.” - Emma Powell, Gary & Old Man Jenkins

“It is polite to not correct another performer.” - Scarlette Amber Hernandez, Perch Perkins & Ensemble

“Patience and positive vibes are very important! There are going to be days when you're tired, or in our case, have homework, or just have many other things going on.....and still have to go to rehearsal. While some days it's harder to do than others, being able to leave everything else at the door helps those occasional tough rehearsals go a little smoother :)” - Imaria Ayanna, Mrs Puff & Ensemble


"Graham putting his arms and legs into his pants and dancing around." - Dayana Todd, Pearl


“I asked a lot of questions LOL. I would always engage with my counter part on knowing where to go.” - Madeline Clough, Mrs Puff & Ensemble

“Being a larger character & also learning an ensemble role was really fun because you got to perform two completely different roles and two different sides of theatre! It was also a really good learning experience!” - Cami Cook, Karen & Ensemble

“It makes you really think ‘ok so I have to do this in some shows and this in others’.” - Emma Powell, Gary & Old Man Jenkins

“Switching between two characters was definitely a challenge for me, especially because SpongeBob and Plankton are so different. It was very important for me to deeply understand both of them, from their voice and mannerisms to their worldview and motivation. I also needed to understand how they fit into the story, and I actually found it helpful that they’re clearly meant to be foils. That made it easier to see their similarities, as well as their differences.” - Reyn Graves, SpongeBob & Plankton

“It was definitely a challenge cause I found myself doing things a sardine would do as perch and I would have to step back and say “Whoa wait Perch would never do that” but all in all I got comfortable with it and learned how to manage both characters, but I will say it was kind of a challenge. - Scarlette Amber Hernandez, Perch Perkins & Ensemble


“I want to coach and direct other actors.” - Dayana Todd, Pearl

“The only time I will say this, I can sing.” - Madeline Clough, Mrs Puff & Ensemble

“I learned that I can do a Texan accent!!! I didn't know that I could until we did the auditions!!! I also improved so much throughout the show. I also overcame my fear of heights by climbing on the scaffolding.” - Finley Malone, Sandy Cheeks

“That I can do anything I can put my mind to, walk with four legs, sing notes, tap dance, and much more!” - Bram Fages, Squidward

“That I might want to be a voice actor when I grow up!” - Ava Fields, SpongeBob

“I can be very persistent and concentrated but at the same time have fun.” - Emma Powell, Gary & Old Man Jenkins

“I learned that I do truly love acting and this is something I wanna do for the rest of my life.” - Scarlette Amber Hernandez, Perch Perkins & Ensemble

“I struggled a lot with feeling unprepared and wanting to be perfect, but I learned that I can pull off a difficult character like SpongeBob. When I was able to let go of some of my very high expectations for myself, I had so much fun. I learned that I need to give myself grace. We relate to characters when they’re as imperfect as we are, and SpongeBob is great because he embraces his own imperfection. I love his optimism and joy, and I want to hold onto that in my own life. I also realized that loving SpongeBob made it easier to love myself in some ways, since I relate to him so much. I feel his need to prove that he’s good enough, and of course the person he needs to prove that to the most is himself. But he can be passionate and unapologetically himself in spite of his insecurities, and I can too. I can be the version of myself that wholeheartedly tries new things, even when it won’t be perfect. I think that’s the most important thing I did for myself in this show.” - Reyn Graves, SpongeBob & Plankton


“How to pull off such a large show learning two characters, and bettering my comedic timing!” - Cami Cook, Karen & Ensemble

“Have fun!! Don’t stress, and if you mess up you just have some fun improvising 😆” - Madeline Clough, Mrs Puff & Ensemble

“That everyone will support you no matter what.” - Rowan Walsh, Sardine & Ensemble

“How to better combat technical difficulties when they happen.” - Ava Fields, SpongeBob

“It’s ok to add lots of razzle dazzle to your performance! It only makes it better.” - Bram Fages, Squidward

“That no matter what, keep going and don’t stop!” - Scarlette Amber Hernandez, Perch Perkins & Ensemble


“When Avery’s sea anemone wig fell off two nights.” - Cami Cook, Karen & Ensemble

“MY WIG FELL OFF. I was playing Mrs puff and ran off into the wing screaming and my wig decided to fly off😂😭” - Madeline Clough, Mrs Puff & Ensemble

“This was in rehearsal, but I found it hilarious. During the scene in Jellyfish Fields, the smoke machine was on and it ended up putting off way too much smoke. We couldn't see anything on stage and I ended up accidentally slapping Patrick in the face because I couldn't see him very well. He dropped to the ground and began crawling across the stage (don't worry; he was fine). I died after that.” - Finley Malone, Sandy Cheeks

“During dress rehearsal my wig flew off because I had swung my head up in a fast motion. Philip (Patrick) and I stayed in character and he helped me put it back on.” - Ava Fields, SpongeBob

“When Sofia fell on her skates, she played it soooooo well and made it part of her character/scene, we were all shocked backstage!” - Bram Fages, Squidward

“During my first show as SpongeBob, one of my contacts fell out. I couldn’t leave stage to put in a new one, so I had to do the second act with really wonky vision. I’m sure it was a little scary to watch me climb Mt. Humongous — I couldn’t really see where to put my feet. When I dropped the Erupter Interrupter into the volcano, I totally dropped it in the wrong spot and it hit the stairs. AC’s face when that happened was hilarious.” - Reyn Graves, SpongeBob & Plankton

“During super sea star savior I fell so hard and it was just so embarrassing but funny but embarrassing.” - Scarlette Amber Hernandez, Perch Perkins & Ensemble


"Best production team ever!!! Choreographer/Co-Director -Ashlyn Stallings, Musical Director Bree Shannon, Assistant Director/Assistant Musical Director-Reyn Graves, Technical Director-Mike Reed. This cast & crew is not only extremely talented, but also stellar human beings who support and adore each other! What an honor and privilege to work with this cast and crew and to spend time doing what we love, with people we love. Wow! Life is good!" - Lynn Stallings, Director


“Breaking news this show was FUN!” - Scarlette Amber Hernandez, Perch Perkins & Ensemble

Thanks for making these the BEST DAYS EVER!

All performance photos by Charles Bailey

All performers were tested for COVID-19 prior to performances.


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