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CAMP 2020 FAQs


AWP has something for ALL AGES and ALL SKILL LEVELS!

1. Will students be sitting in front of a computer all day?

Nope.  Screen time is 3-5 hours daily depending on the camp you attend AND, there is an abundance of ‘up and moving’ (Physical comedy, Dance, Theatre Games, Scene work etc.) This is hands-on, learning by doing.  Whether  you’re sitting or standing, you are an active participant!

2. Will there be learning outside of the zoom classes?

Yes, movie camp and some special classes in other sessions have self-filmed assignments that are later reviewed by the industry pros during class.

3. What about socializing and finding my ‘peeps’?

Absolutely! There are social events every week. (Parties & Cabaret Shows) All students ages 8-18 are divided into groups who meet with super-fun counselors at the beginning and end of each day. They get to know each other thru social activities and collaborating on projects.

4. How do you choose the counselors?

Most AWP counselors have grown up thru our programs.  All come highly 

Recommended, have background checks and participate in an in depth training program.

5. Who are the teachers?

All are Successful, Entertainment Industry Pros, Emmy Award-winners, Broadway Stars, Disney/Nickelodeon/Primetime Directors, Filmmakers, Actors, Dancers…...who are hand picked for their credentials AND because they are awesome, inspiring human beings. CLICK HERE to see teacher bios.

6. Will AWP camp help my acting career?

The more serious you are, the more you will gain from the program. It’s all there.  You can network and audition for people in a position to offer representation and open doors for you. This is a learning opportunity. Although there are no guarantees of employment, you will be in a much better position to launch or enhance your career thru this practical training and developing industry relationships.

7. Tell me about the Audition Opportunity at camp

Students in Movie Camp, Broadway Camp, Industry Pro-Camp and Pro-Track/Adults all have the opportunity to audition for a panel of Casting Directors, Agents and Managers from LA, NYC and Atlanta.  Each student will come prepared with a one-minute monologue/scene and receive a private coaching session prior to the audition showcase. The panel of pros will provide feedback after each audition.

8. Is this camp just for students with experience?

No. There is something for everyone. Classes are designed in all programs so that students may progress at their own pace in a positive, supportive, non-competitive atmosphere.  Option #1 Performing Arts Adventure Camp is the perfect option for the newer performer. All other programs cater to those on a pro-track as well as those who simply have a love of the creative arts.

9. Is the camp just for kids?

Nope. There are sessions designed for Kids, Teens AND Adults.

10. Can students take more than one camp?

Yes, serious students can participate for up to 5 weeks of camp!

It’s a blast and they’ll walk away stronger artists armed with knowledge, a clearer mindset and tools for success in show business and in life.

11. May parents watch classes and activities?

Absolutely. You may zoom in anytime. We just ask that you keep your video and audio off, so it doesn’t distract the class.  And parents are invited to shows and the movie premiere.

12. How do parents communicate with staff?

There is a 10 minute period at the beginning of each day that you may zoon in to ask questions. You may also leave a message at the AWP Hotline at 770-998-8111. Email:

13. Is there a show at the end of camp?

Yes, there are informal, virtual sharings of work done during the week. The Movie Camp ends with a Movie Premiere and a ‘Talk Back’ with the cast and crew.  The Broadway Camp ends with a performance by the students, along side Broadway Stars.

14. What equipment do I need?

Lap top, computer or other device with video & sound recording capabilities and strong internet connection to access ZOOM.  You will not need your own zoom account.

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