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Kids, Teens, Adults

NEW IN 2023-2024:

The Atlanta Workshop Players has been providing professional level performing arts training for the last 42 years. All of AWP's programs are designed to instill important life-lessons thru the arts.

Classes Begin August 14th 2023

Classes End May 18th 2024



Acting Essentials

Monday 5:30-7pm

Ages 10-13

Instructor: Ashlyn Stallings

$99 per month

Learn the basics of acting: theatre games, stage directions, acting with accents, physical comedy, improvisation, vocal projection, taking direction, public speaking, all while building confidence, working together, respecting ourselves and others through the performing arts! Train for on-camera, theatre and improv!



Monday 5:30-7pm


Instructor: Deej Ledet

$99 per month

Think on your feet! This improv class is designed to keep you on your toes, master storytelling techniques and navigate in a 'YES AND' environment!

IMG_2973 copy.jpeg

On-Camera Acting

Monday 7-8:30pm


Instructor: Ashlyn Stallings

$99 per month

The On-Camera training program is designed for dedicated students with the maturity and passion to develop your on-camera skills! The program culminates with an original short film including all students!


On-Camera Nitty-Gritty

Monday 7-9pm


Instructor: Don Stallings

$120 per month

This is the perfect class to drop in on! Each week, class will be a standalone session focused on an important element of on camera acting such as: Audition Techniques, Voiceover, Comedic Timing, Script Interpretation, Camera Awareness, Moment Before/Moment After, How to Win the Room and a multitude of other techniques! Each week will be different! You can drop in, attend the whole year and even combine this class with another adult acting class to fine tune your skills! 

Important Info

  • One time $35 registration fee

  • December 1st, each class is charged a production fee of $100-150 depending on the program. The production fee covers costs such as: sets, props, music recording/editing, film crews, sound and lighting designers, additional rehearsals, printing, rental materials, equipment, guest artists/casting directors/agents, licensing rights to scripts/music etc. 

  • Tuition is averaged over the entire year, taking into consideration holidays and inclement weather days.  Additional instruction is involved when preparing video and performance projects.

  • ALL classes will culminate with a VIDEO PROJECT and/or LIVE PERFORMANCE. AWPlayers Company performs full musicals & variety shows throughout the year. 

  • A 30 day written notice is required to withdraw from any regular class.Note: AWPlayers Company is a 10 month commitment. 

  • There is a credit card surcharge of 3% of the total on EVERY transaction. To avoid this, you may pay in studio by providing post dated checks that will be deposited by AWP on the first of each month. 

  • Need to make payments? Adjust card on file? Update address? Login to your STUDIO DIRECTOR account. 

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Marketing Manager:

Executive Director:


AWP Class Holidays 2023-2024 Class Season


Classes Begin August 14th 2023

Classes End May 18th 2024



Saturday September 2nd

Monday September 4th

Tuesday September 5th

Wednesday September 6th

Saturday October 7th

Monday October 9th

Tuesday October 10th

Wednesday October 11th

Tuesday October 31st

November 18th-26th

December 16th-January 3rd

Saturday January 13th

Monday January 15th

Tuesday January 16th

Saturday February 17th

Monday February 19th

Tuesday February 20th

Saturday March 9th

Monday March 11th

Tuesday March 12th

March 30th-April 7th

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