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Ian Choi

Ian Choi booked a feature film.

Scarlette Amber Hernandez

Scarlette is recurring on a new TV series! She is repped by Atlanta Models & Talent

Gillian Rabin

Gillian Rabin can be seen SOBBING and playing the flute in a Geico commercial AND in a new episode of Will Trent. She is repped by Alexander White Agency

Mila Walling

Mila Walling booked a leading role in a feature film She is repped by People Store

Don Stallings

Don Stallings just booked a feature film! Don is repped by People Store

Don & Lynn at Diversity en Cannes

AWP's fearless leaders, Lynn and Don Stallings are on-set acting coaches for a new network show!

Costa Johnson

Costa Johnson has booked and completed an insane number of Sonic spots over the last 6 months, an FSU short film, a Pharma spot, a Lottery Commercial, and a secret commercial! (More to come when the NDA clears!) He is repped by Atlanta Models & Talent

Chloe Flowers

Chloe Flowers can be seen in the TV show Found. She is repped by JPervis Talent

Michael Provost

Michael Provost is in a new Oscar Nominated film, The Holdovers. He is repped by The Gersh Agency, Coast to Coast and JPervis Talent.

Ashlyn Stallings

Ashlyn just filmed a short called 'Burning Sage'! She is repped by People Store

Aubriana Davis

Aubriana Davis can be seen in the TV show The Wonder Years! She is repped by Osbrink Talent Agency

Kyla Walling

Kyla Walling booked a music video where she and her real life sister, Mila, played siblings!

Michika McClinton

Michika McClinton just shot a commercial and recently wrapped a feature film! She is repped by Atlanta Models & Talent

Aaron Arquimedes

Aaron Arquimedes just got signed by Atlanta Models and Talent then immediately booked a co-star role in a tv show! He is repped by AMT

Annika Mazumdar

Annika Mazumdar just got repped by Atlanta Models and Talent!

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