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Designations on the drawings - symbols on the drawings in accordance with methodology

Specialties related to construction, architecture, mechanical engineering, design and others require students to be able to make drawings, read them and use special symbols. Undoubtedly, much depends on the specialization and the object to be presented. Agree, there is a significant difference between the master plan of the site for the production of ceramic tiles and the complex section of the crankshaft. Collectively, the designations in the drawings include:

  • Letters , which reflect conditional values, such as center distance, width, perimeter, diameter, height, depth, spring coil pitch and much more. To designate massive and extensive sizes, it is advised to use capital letters.

  • Numerical , which indicate the exact dimensions, angular deviations and the like.

  • Alphanumeric , mainly found on the drawings of electrical installations and have a reference designation

  • Graphic , which can designate anything: both the material of the product (abrasive, iron, wood), and structural elements (window, door, stairs).

Why do we need symbols on the drawings?

Suppose we need to draw an element of a massive size, the scale of which we have already reduced to 1:50, there are no symbols, we write everything in whole words. In this case, you will not see the small details of your object. In order for the element to remain the main element in the drawing, various designations are used that help to minimize the writing area and at the same time convey all the necessary information.

Where can I find a list of symbols?

You will find the designations in a variety of reference materials and books, design regulations and guidelines for the specialization you need. Are you confused by the symbols on the drawings? There is a proven option for the teacher to like the work - order a drawing from US paper help writing experts! To search for more accurate and correct designations, we recommend using methodologys:

Thanks to drawing, this universal language of engineers, knowledge and unique achievements in many specializations have become the property of all mankind, accelerating the path to excellence.


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