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ESA Letter for Both Housing and Travel - 2022 Guide

If you are one who needs an emotional support animal to accompany you wherever you go, then you have to obtain an official letter that authorizes you to have an emotional support animal that ESA letter is prescribed by a licensed mental health professional. Usually, a mental health practitioner issues an ESA Letter and on the basis of mental condition and symptoms recommends that an emotional support animal as therapy for an individual.

This emotional support letter is used for three different purposes:

ESA letters for Housing

This letter in the USA bounds that the landlord does not discriminate against any tenant having an ESA pet. They will have better and facilitated housing opportunities without any further charges. The Fair Housing Act in the USA in this regard is quite clear and strictly bounds the landlord to facilitate the tenant. This ESA letter is a must that ensures housing for your pet with extra charges. So, if you want to keep a pet with you in a rented house make sure you obtain an ESA letter first otherwise you would be charged an extra amount for the pet.

An ESA letter for Traveling

Normally, flights do not allow pets to be carried in flights but an esa letter for housing legalizes it. According to the Air Carrier Access Act, one can carry his/her ESA on the flight without any restriction. This act bounds the flights to make the necessary arrangements for a companion. Make sure that your companion is well-mannered because it will cause a nuisance for you and the crew if it is ill-mannered. So, obtaining an ESA letter is a must if you want your ESA to be accompanied on the flight.

ESA Letter for Both Housing and Travel

The combo letter authorizes you to have a pet while traveling and in a house. It facilitates having proper arrangements for your emotional support animal both as a tenant and traveler. It is the landlord and the flight management who are responsible to facilitate you and your pet without any extra charges and as the Acts, they are legally bound to do so. Simply, a combo ESA letter authorizes you to have your ESA wherever you go and live.

Who is authorized to write an ESA Letter?

A mental health practitioner who looks after your health is licensed to write an ESA letter. Many people approach and obtain an ESA letter from random doctors which is illegal and against the laws. If such a letter is found fake and illegal, it may have counter-legal implications. Even a family doctor cannot write an emotional support animal letter. It is only licensed to the one who knows your mental health and issues an ESA on mental grounds as therapy you're your better health. It should carry his/her letterhead on top with all the details.

Who Qualifies for an ESA?

People suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, mental illness, and emotional disabilities qualify for an ESA letter because they need a companion to share their moments and help in overcoming these problems. Often persons suffering from physical limitations require a pet who is trained to help them in performing certain tasks. Moreover, for security reasons people require the best guard dogs that ensure their security wherever they go.

People increasingly love to have pets at home and wherever they go. You can see people having their pets while jogging, coming to the office, and in cafes and restaurants that necessitate scrutinizing who needs it as an emotional support animal and they can only be verified by a mental health practitioner who only can grant an ESA letter. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

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