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The Erlang programming language was concocted with the objective to propel the development of communication applications. From that objective, the language developed to be utilized by Erlang programmer to fabricate incredibly adaptable, delicate constant frameworks with that attention on extraordinary ease of use. In his meeting with Rackspace in 2013, co-maker Joe Armstrong said, "On the off chance that Java is 'compose once, run anyplace, Erlang is 'compose once, run always'." With the present Erlang/OTP, you'll see what Armstrong implies. The arrangement of libraries and task ways of thinking incorporates its own conveyed data set, applications to line towards different dialects, troubleshooting and discharge taking care of apparatuses. The implicit help that accompanies Erlang's runtime framework makes the language one that is trusted to convey super advanced projects across the world. What do these cutting edge projects share for all intents and purpose? Dependability is vital! Along these lines, Erlang projects are made in telecoms, banking, Online business, PC communication, and texting>> erlang web development


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