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Why is Article Illustrating Critical for Understudies?

Comparing and contrasting topics that students feel passionate about tend to get students excited. It's hard not to feel a bit confused the first time you are faced with this task. It may take some time to come up with a great topic idea since this may be hard for you. Furthermore, you should keep the target audience in mind - mainly your professors who grade thousands of papers of the same type. It's good news that an essay writer has compiled a list of the 100 best compare and contrast essay topics for any assignment you can imagine.

Topics for Comparative and Contrasting Essays

A list of sample topics might help you come up with a compelling topic more quickly. To help you find a suitable topic for your compare and contrast essay, we have created a list of them below. Any topic you are passionate about can be transformed into a superb essay. These are the topics college students usually discuss while writing compare and contrast essays:

School vs. College: What sets them apart

Students with and without jobs: who makes the most of their lives?

What are the similarities and differences between a research paper and an essay?

How are introverts and extroverts different?

English in the United States and the United Kingdom: major differences

How are education and employment similar?

Differences and similarities between the SAT and TOEFL

How are master's degrees and doctoral degrees different?

Argumentative and persuasive papers: what do they have in common?

Which option is better for education: traditional learning or online learning?

High School Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

The following topics are the most popular for high school students:

Poverty and wealth

What are the effects of coffee and tea on the human body?

City life or country living

In-person vs. online human interactions

Exercise or dieting: What's more effective?

Traditions within families vs. traditions within nations

Homelife vs. college life

Adulthood and childhood

An office job or being a freelancer

Comparing education and professional careers

Topics: History

Histories repeat themselves, they say. Events, however, follow different paths. The following events or public figures can be used as examples of history compare and contrast essay topics:

Washington's and Lincoln's ideas

Baroque vs. Renaissance

Religious studies versus Anthropology

Governments of the United States and the Soviet Union

Democracies versus monarchies

Comparing US and UK election systems

Before the American Civil War, the North and the South were divided

The battle between Henry VIII and Louis XIV

The Nazis and the fascists

The First and Second World Wars

Topic ideas for Economics

Check out this collection of compare and contrast essay topics on Economics if you need to write an economics paper:

The Economics of Economy

Economic Analysis and Business

A financial crisis and a recession

Growth and development of the economy

The economy and social issues

Gross domestic product versus gross national product

East vs. West: Economic politics

An economy in development and an economy in development

Consumption and minimalism

The macroeconomy and the microeconomy

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Comparing and contrasting healthcare essays

Medicines of the west and the east

Medications and natural alternatives

The use of surgery or chemotherapy

Surgical or cosmetic procedures

The study of psychology and psychiatry

Oncology and tumors

Diseases associated with autoimmunity and autoinflammatory responses

An outpatient clinic or hospital

The use of animals or humans for testing

Drugs that fight viruses or bacteria

Ideas for topics in philosophy

Philosophical and neurological perspectives

Various philosophical views on death and life

Human beings have physical and mental needs

Philosophical traditions of Ancient Greece and Rome

Philosophies of Germany and France

Matteralism vs. spiritualism

A dualistic or monotheistic view

Optimism or relativism

The Nietzschean or the Kantian

The Freudian psychoanalysis or the Adler psychoanalysis

Ideas on IT and social media

Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac

What is better: an iPhone or an Android?

Streaming services like Netflix and HBO

Would you rather use Facebook or MySpace?

Sending an email or snail mail

Humans or robots

E-commerce and traditional commerce

Relationships in the real world and online dating

Gaming on computers and video games

Online or traditional job search?

A great list of topics to contrast and compare in literature

A comedy or a drama

The Greek and Roman mythologies

The Romantic and Impressionist movements in literature

What are people more likely to prefer, poetry or lyrics?

XIII Century poetry and contemporary poetry

Othello vs. Hamlet in Shakespeare

Novels by Americans and French authors

Which is better, fiction or nonfiction?

Autobiographies and memoirs

Literature in twenty years ago and now

Topics in Cinematography and Music

Why books are preferable to movies

Imagery and animation generated by computers

The American and Soviet cinematography

Films and anime

Horrors versus thrillers: a comparison

Instruments of traditional music vs. electronic instruments

The jazz and rock genres

A match between Sam and Frodo Baggins (The Lord of the Rings)

X vs. Draco Malfoy

The battle between Gandalf and Dumbledore

Research topics in the sciences

It's a hunter-eat-your-prey scenario

A Physics degree or a Chemistry degree

Galaxy and Andromeda

Microorganisms and viruses

How the Earth differs from Mars

Lunar missions 1 and 2

Do Thomas Jefferson's or DaVinci's innovations matter more?

The consequences of earthquakes or tsunamis: which one is worse?

Two chemical reactions based on different formulas

The proton and the neuron

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